Aurelia of Genesis

Aurelia of Genesis was born on April 19, 2012.

Aurelia of Genesis is sired by the AHR GOLD Classified and he highest AHR Classified Stallion ever in North America, Alfa of Genesis. Alfa was imported into the United States from Holland as a weanling by Genesis Farm, has earned 3 AHR ‘National Champion Stallion’ titles and most recently has been earning a name for himself as a sire in our country since his first foal crop was born in 2009.

Aurelia’s dam is Ariel TOF. Ariel’s dam is Ariffa TOF, an Austrian imported mare. Ariffa was the highest selling filly at the sale in Ebbs, Austria in 1998 where she was purchased by Tudor Oaks Farm and later imported into the United States. In 2000, Ariffa was named the AHR ‘Junior National Champion Filly’ and went on to be named the AHR ‘Reserve National Champion Mare’. In 2002, she was the AHR ‘Senior National Champion Mare’ and went on to be named the AHR ‘Grand National Champion Mare’. Ariffa was AHR Silver Classified with 79 points. Ariel herself was never AHR Classified due to contracting a bad infection and foundering from a sustained high fever when she was a 2-year-old before coming to live at Genesis Farm. However, we also own Ariel’s ¾ sister, Angel of Trisanna TOF, who is AHR GOLD Classified so the genetic quality of this line is known and proven.

Aurelia, better known as ‘Leah’, is very correct with a sweet disposition and the golden metallic color her dam and sire both boast. She was born literally less than 12 hours after her ¾ sister, Andromeda of Genesis. The two dams, Angel and Ariel, are sisters themselves and pasture-mates; they have been best friends since being reunited at Genesis Farm. Angel was well overdue and finally on the afternoon of April 18th, 2012, she presented us with a beautiful long-legged filly that we named Andromeda of Genesis. Even though Ariel didn’t appear ready to foal, we brought her from the pasture into the barn so she wasn’t alone that night without her sister and put her in a stall across the aisle from Angel. In the morning, to our great surprise, Ariel had her very own filly in her stall! Astonished the next morning, we shook our heads and decided that the two sisters wanted to raise their fillies together!

‘Leah’ made her show ring debut at the 2012 AHR Futurity in October. She was the 2nd place ‘Junior Weanling Filly’ and went on to be named ‘Reserve Junior Weanling Champion’. Her best friend and ¾ sister, Andromeda of Genesis, was the 1st place foal in the ‘Junior Weanling Filly’ division and went on to be named the ‘Junior Weanling Champion’. So, the two sisters born from mothers that are best friends and pasture-mates, stood side by side in the winner’s circle! Obviously there is some consistent and recognizable quality in this bloodline cross!

In the 2012 SIP pleasure class, Leah was awarded 4th place out of 26 entries, while her sister was 3rd place! Genesis Farm was the proud owners and breeders of the 1st through 4th place entries in this large class and Leah did her part to represent our breeding program!