Arno’s Offsprings’ Results 2010

AHR Inspections:

  • The new record for the highest score ever given out at an AHR Inspection, 83 points, was achieved by a filly sired by Arno.  This accomplishment earned Arno the official status as an ‘AHR Elite Stallion’ based on the fact that he has sired two AHR Gold classified offspring.  He became only the second stallion in AHR history to ever earn this ‘Elite’ title!
  • 2 other Arno offspring, both stallions, were awarded silver

Buckeye Haflinger Show:

  • 1st place Yearling Filly
  • Yearling Champion
  • 1st place 2-year-old Stallion
  • 1st place 2-year-old Filly
  • Champion 2-year-old
  • 1st place 3-year-old Filly
  • Champion 3-year-old
  • Best of Show
  • Performance classes–too many wins to list!

GLHA Futurity:

  • 1st place Weanling Filly
  • 2nd place Weanling Stallion
  • Champion Weanling
  • 1st place Yearling Filly
  • 2nd place Yearling Filly
  • 2nd place Yearling Stallion-Gelding
  • Champion Yearling ‘Stallion Service Invitational’ Winner

AHR National Show:

  • 1st place Weanling Stallion
  • 1st place 3-year-old Mare
  • 1st place Yearling Filly
  • 1st place Weanling Filly
  • Senior National Champion Mare
  • Junior National Champion Mare
  • Grand National Champion Mare
  • National ‘Best of Show’
  • 1st place ‘Get of Sire’ (Arno’s offspring for the 5th consecutive year!)
  • Performance classes–too many wins to list!

KILE Haflinger Show:

  • 1st place 2-year-old Filly
  • 2nd place 2-year-old Filly
  • 1st place 3-year-old Filly
  • Junior Champion Mare
  • Senior Champion Mare
  • Grand Champion Mare
  • 1st place 2-year-old and under Stallion-Gelding
  • Grand Champion Stallion/Gelding
  • Performance classes–too many wins to list!

AHR Futurity:

  • 1st place Junior Weanling Pleasure Colt
  • 2nd place Senior Weanling Pleasure Filly
  • 2nd place Junior Weanling Pleasure Filly
  • There were only 4 Arno weanlings that attended the AHR Futurity and ALL FOUR placed in the Top 10 of the Pleasure SIP (out of 23 entries)!
  • 1st place 2-year-old Filly Pleasure
  • 1st place 2-year-old Stallion Pleasure
  • Champion 2-year-old Pleasure
  • Reserve Champion 2-year-old Pleasure
  • 1st place 2-year-old Pleasure Driving
  • 1st place 3-year-old Filly Pleasure
  • 1st place 3-year-old under saddle
  • 2nd place 3-year-old Pleasure Driving
  • Champion 3-year-old Pleasure